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Unfortunately i don’t have enough time to add any of my own tutorials or articles until i have finished my second year at uni. Instead i decided to create a blog. Expect to find interesting articles and tutorials added here on a regular basis.

Take a look below for some awesome tutorials, from some of my favorite websites.
1. Grey / Blue drop down menu


CSS Navigation

A usable, appealing and impressive CSS3 navigation menu. The menu is compatible with non CSS3 browsers and the tutorial is pretty easy to follow. Learn how to create a drop-down menu, rounded corners using CSS3 and much more.


2. Drop down navigation with JQuery and CSS3

Learn how to create a sleek, clean and professional navigation menu using CSS3 and jQuery. The menu has nice, smooth animations and generally looks great.

If you, like myself, are just getting into jQuery you may enjoy this tutorial. You’ll learn how to use some simple jQuery to slightly improve a navigation menu. I find this type of practical use helps me understand a new language faster. The fact that there is only a small snippet of code also helps me to remember what i learn.

The tutorial is clear and everything is easy to understand, it’s definately worth a look!


3. Pure CSS Nav Menu

This tutorial will show you how you can create an effective, and usable navigation menu using some basic CSS. The end result is great and the tutorial is easy to follow.

The use of properties such as box-shadow and text shadow are covered, you will also learn how to implement a gradient background using only CSS

If you are more of a beginner i would definately recommend this tutorial over the previous two. The process is broken down into bitesize chunks and its pretty easy to understand. Enjoy!

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